Founder of Rocketindo

Daniel Liu

The Entrepreneur's Venture in Indonesia

In 2013, Daniel, a graduate of National Taiwan University, ventured into Indonesia to start his entrepreneurial journey. With nearly ten years of industry experience, he was full of confidence in his business endeavour. However, to his dismay, he suffered a devastating loss of NT$15 million in the first year. Looking back at the three main reasons for his failure in the initial four years, Daniel openly admitted that he had been too naive in his market assumptions, overly confident in himself, and chose a field he was not familiar with.

In 2017, undeterred, Daniel made a fresh start and founded "Rocketindo," a cross-border e-commerce accelerator in Indonesia, with a mere capital of NT$200,000. Leveraging his excellent communication skills, he reached out to almost all e-commerce clients in Taiwan, tirelessly making connections. With unwavering effort, he finally secured his first customer, holding on to the only hope he had. Daniel returned to Indonesia to begin recruiting employees. Today, the company has grown to have over 100 employees and has gradually transformed from an operational service provider to an agent. It generates a monthly revenue of over 8 billion Indonesian Rupiahs (approximately NT$16 million), and the projected annual revenue for 2023 is NT$500 million. Especially during the pandemic period, the company's performance grew sixfold within an 18-month period.

Work experience

Senior Marketing Specialist / Creator
3M ·  2009 - 2013
Product Manager

·  2006 - 2009

Honors & Awards

  • 2022 Golden Boat Award 
  • 2022  Coordinator, Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission
  • CFO of Jakarta Taiwan Entrepreneur Association 
  • 2019 Taiwan Oversea Top 10 Outstanding Youth 
  • Chairman of Taiwan Indonesia Businessman Chamber Youth Chapter 

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